residential program 2024 🏠

June 3rd – July 30th 2024

🇲🇽 Mexico City, Mexico (in-person)

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Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream

The Residency Program is 27Million’s comprehensive approach to training the next generation of freedom fighters with both curriculum and practical hands-on experience. 

This program is a blend of curriculum and practicum. It will be eight weeks long and students will get the knowledge through live lectures and workshops combined with hands-on practical experience with the projects of El Pozo De Vida. Projects span the three areas of Prevention, Intervention, and Restoration and the students will volunteer in all of these capacities. Students will learn all about the Fundamentals of Kingdom Justice, Prophetic Inner Healing, and Team Applications of Kingdom Justice from live speakers while also volunteering and working alongside the project leaders in all of the projects. 

Who is the Residency Program for?

The Residency Program is perfect for those who have a desire to not only learn about Kingdom Justice, but also wish to apply these principles in the real world. We intentionally scheduled the school in the summer to provide old and young alike, the opportunity to leave their own social contexts in order to learn about Kingdom Justice and to see what these applications look like on the day to day. Students will work side by side with individuals and teams that have decided to make their life’s work one of serving those in marginalized communities. 

The course is designed for those who desire to find ways to address social ills in their social contexts with a Kingdom mindset. All of the content is tailored to be applicable in any organization. Since El Pozo de Vida is an anti-trafficking organization most of the practical work will take place in projects fighting human trafficking in some way. Even so, the school is designed to catalyze people working with any sort of social justice issue by applying a Kingdom mindset. 

If you have looked at the world and believe that we must be doing more to change the status quo, then this class is definitely for you! Our team is full of misfits and individuals who were tired of seeing injustice in the world around us and we ended up here, learning how to partner with God in bringing His Justice to earth by receiving healing ourselves first.

June 3rd – July 30th 2024 (We will have some online meet ups in May though)

Mexico City is a thriving urban city, and it provides the perfect backdrop to the content that is covered. The culture is beautiful and different in many ways and this uniqueness aids students in fully engaging and growing in a different social context. 

El Pozo De Vida is located in the south of the city while its projects span the full length of the city. Affordable and easily accessible public transportation is also available to students who desire to explore the city on their time off. 

$1.500 USD (includes classes, housing, transportation, breakfast & lunch) (We do offer scholarships on an application basis. If you have financial need, please email and we will guide you through the application process.)

All of the students will live in a house or big apartment together (size depends on number of students we have). Location is TBA but we are looking for places in Coyoacan or Tlalpan with good public transport connection since we oftentimes will be using public transport to get to the projects spanned all over the city. Students might have to share a room (male/female divided). We probably can also figure out options for married couples to have their own room. 

The school is Monday through Friday during the day with mostly optional activities during some evenings and weekends. During your time here, you will volunteer at migration centers, the safe house, the transition house, the community center in La Merced, Block Parties, and more! 

Additionally to classes and practicum in the projects there will also be times of prayer and worship, reflection times, mentorship and recreational times. We will also have opportunities to serve in prayer/worship ministry, connect with the church and bless the city in different ways. The extensive network that EPDV has is also available to students during their tenure at the school. 

As a special extra this year we will have an optional outreach to the Olympics in Paris right after the program ends to raise awareness for human trafficking happening during big sports events. 

The Justice School 5.24 is designed to be a catalyst for students to live out kingdom justice after the school. 27 Million has a global network with organizations working on the frontlines of human trafficking and other social issues we can connect you with.