Introduction to inner healing 🙏

March 4th – April 14th 2024

🌐 Online (via Zoom)

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Introduction to Inner Healing is a 5 week long online course in which Janice Yu gives a comprehensive look at inner healing, its applications, along with a live demonstration of how to administer an inner healing session. 


March 4th – April 14th, 2024
with a one week break to process and celebrate during Holy Week
(March 24th – 30th) 

What is Prophetic Inner Healing?

The ministry of inner healing is dedicated to equip and connect people to have intimacy with God and to experience His love, healing, freedom, and His abundant life through the power of prayer. We can experience various distortions as a result of sin, abuse, and traumas in our lives. Inner healing seeks to heal past experiences and bring God’s perspective in the areas of how we see God, ourselves, and how we see and relate to others. The hope is to see more and more people healed and freed to enjoy all that God wanted for each individual. 

The prophetic inner healing model provides techniques and tools under the guidance of the Holy Spirit’s revelation to go deep into the roots of our pain and brokenness such as sin, abuse, trauma, and unhealthy relationships, brings correction to the distortions, and removes the demonic influence to bring healing, freedom, and new blessings at all levels of our being: spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical. It rescues back the permission, ability, and the rights that the enemy had stolen, allowing one to live an abundant life that God has promised.

What is included in this course? 

Topics covered in this course include: Identity, Authority, Understanding God’s Voice, Forgiveness, Perception of God, Generational Sin, Curses and the Occult, Spiritual Cleansing, Soul Ties, Protocol/Etiquette of Prayer, Healing of Memories, Victimology, Traumatology, Sexual Abuse, Toxic Shame, Prophesy, as well as a live demonstration of how to administer an inner healing session. 

You will find all of this content and more in the pre-recorded videos you can watch in your own time. On top of that we will have a live class every Thursday 7pm Central Standard Time. The live class will help you go deeper into the topics of each week by either processing with the whole group or in smaller groups. Throughout the week you can always reach out to the Justice School team.

Who is this course for?

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about inner healing and its applications within their organization or in their personal lives. Inner healing is critical to kingdom justice work and benefits not just beneficiaries but also the ones who are working on the frontlines. If you have been looking for ways to heal past trauma and live the abundant life God wants to give us or if you want to help others heal their past pains, this course is for you!

Hybrid Model

For all our Mexico City people we have a special offer. If you live in Mexico City you have the opportunity to take the online program but come to the live classes in person. This will give you the opportunity to also connect with other people who have a heart for justice and healing in your city!