The Justice School 5.24’s mission is to provide opportunities for anyone interested in social justice and Kingdom justice,

through receiving training and resources to fulfill their mission, wherever it might be in the world.

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Fundamentals of Kingdom Justice is square one for anyone who has interest or wants that initial jump start to find more ways to be educated and involved in Kingdom Justice work (including but not limited to anti-trafficking).

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The Residency Program is 27Million’s comprehensive approach to training the next generation of freedom fighters with both curriculum and practical hands-on experience. 

This program combines the content that is covered in all three tracks of our Online Program and combines this knowledge with practical hands-on experience in the projects of El Pozo De Vida. There are roughly three weeks of curriculum combined with five weeks of practicum that span the areas of prevention, intervention, and restoration. Students will learn all about the Fundamentals of Kingdom Justice, Inner Healing, and Team Applications of Kingdom Justice from live speakers at the El Pozo De Vida office, while also volunteering and working alongside the project leaders in all of the projects. 

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In both the online course and the residence program, you get the chance to learn from seasoned leaders of justice-focused organizations and connect with 27 Million’s global network of partners

For your convenience all of our classes are available on

all devices.

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We stand in solidarity

Slavery isn’t a thing of the past. It’s a modern phenomenon and it’s happening right now. All around us.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to help others recover their voice and their lives, for our incredible team of modern-day heroes who tirelessly pour out their lives to bring justice, and for all the supporters who believe in us and who walk with us.”

Janice Yu, Co-Founder

“I am eternally grateful for the incredible opportunity to shape and train leaders from around the globe who are fighting human trafficking through our Justice School 5.24.”

Benny Yu, Founder

“I am thankful for the privilege to see the victory of God’s hope manifest in the middle of the deepest hopelessness and to be the carrier of this supernatural hope that only divine logic can explain.”

Elisa Werner, JS5.24 Alum

“I am so thankful for my time attending the Justice School 5.24 in the summer of 2019. I was blessed to learn from the leaders of 27 Million and see first hand so many ways they are impacting lives and bringing about freedom.”

Christa Hagler, JS5.24 Alum